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Baraza & PRX - Podcasting Hackathon 2023

Baraza Media Lab is excited to be partnering with PRX on a one-of-a-kind podcasting hackathon scheduled to take place in February 2023, as part of the #AfricaMediaFestival. Since our inception, Baraza has focused on podcasting access in Africa, given its growing popularity in the region and its role in information flow and exchange. Our hope is that by providing the space to experiment and innovate,  we can play a part in encouraging the growth of podcasting within the continent.

Introducing PRX

PRX is a non-profit public media organisation based in the United States, specialising in podcasting and radio, audio journalism and storytelling. PRX is also committed to supporting media innovation and creative community-building across the U.S. and worldwide through global podcast training initiatives facilitated by PRX’s Training Team, including podcast accelerator programs and workshops.  PRX takes an innovative, rigorous approach to podcast design that empowers creators to make meaningful audio, foster new ways of thinking, and to re-imagine their digital futures as part of a vibrant audio and media ecosystem.

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What is the Hackathon all about?

This hackathon aims to bring forward-thinking techies, podcasters, and audio producers to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind podcasting hackathon for the African market.

Hackathon Theme: Access to Podcasts and Sustainability for Podcasters in the African context.


Participants will engage in a design sprint facilitated by human-centered design experts that will deepen their understanding of the unique challenges of the African audio ecosystem and help them develop innovative and fantastical new ideas to help solve them.

What are the requirements?

This hackathon is open to techies, audio producers, and podcasters in Africa who can design and build tools that align with this year’s theme.

You can apply as an individual or as a team. The hackathon will take place on the 14th and 15th of Februrary 2023 as part of the Africa Media Festival.

Participants of the hackathon will be granted access to the PRX Podcast Pop-Up Garage at Baraza Media Lab on the 16th & 17th.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, university students are encouraged to apply!

The hackathon will be fully in-person with no virtual activities. All participants will be required to be physically present.

Yes, You can form a team of up to three individuals.

Yes, however, you will be responsible for any visa arrangements, and all transport & accommodation expenses.

Want to participate?

Play a part in encouraging the growth of podcasting within the continent.