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Satire: The Power of Laughter in a Divisive

Satire: The Power of Laughter in a Divisive World By Gloria Mari Satire often plays the role of shaping public opinions. It’s intended to spark conversations and court participation. Satirists have a massive responsibility to entertain and educate. Comedy and satire provide a “safe space” to address wider issues. In

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‘Fake news’ and the need for speed’

Misinformation. Disinformation. Malinformation. Collectively, Kenyans call these terms ‘fake news’, and are extremely familiar with the concept. But each sub-genre is unique in its intent, and all three were the subject of a panel discussion titled ‘Misinformation and how mainstream media can counter it’, held at the Africa Media Festival

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Story Brainstorming at the Africa Media Festival.

Journalism is crucial for a functional democratic society, but not all media is equal. Journalists rely on storytelling to humanize news stories, yet many African stories are told by foreign media, leaving gaps in coverage. With a growing preference for diverse, inclusive and locally relevant content, there is an opportunity

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#AMFReflections: Mainstreaming Gender in The Newsroom

The year 2020 was a watershed year for both women in the news, and the world in general, as COVID-19 took over news headlines. As countries enforced movement restrictions, lockdowns and quarantines, there was a related, marked increase in domestic violence and gender assault cases worldwide. In Kenya, the National

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