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About Us

The Africa Media Festival (AMF) is proudly convened by Baraza Media Lab, Africa’s platform for media practitioners and creatives to experiment, co-create, share resources, and learn. 

As a platform for media practitioners and creatives, Baraza Media Lab works to  actively encourage experimentation and co-creation, fostering a collaborative environment where media professionals can learn from each other and push the boundaries of what’s possible. It is from this spirit of collaboration and innovation that the Africa Media Festival was born, serving as a platform to showcase groundbreaking ideas and inspire a brighter future for African media. 

2024 Objectives

Join us as we explore the future of African media and foster an environment where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrive.

Celebrate cutting-edge innovations and inspire experimentation in the media sector.

Enhance knowledge sharing around trends, evidence, new approaches to media independence and sustainability in Africa.


Spark cross-disciplinary conversations and build trust for collective action.